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Isolation and Identificationof Canine Parainfluenza Virus D121004 Strain

and Sequence Analysis on ItsF Gene

In order to research and develop a vaccineagainst canine parainfluenza virusCPIV),the brains and lungs of dead dogs suspicious of respiratory symptomswere collected asepticallyand then Marc-145 cells were inoculated after treatment to isolateCPIV. RT-PCR and erythrocyte adsorption assay were applied to identify the cellculture medium with three blind passages. The results showed that one strain ofcanine parainfluenza virusCPIV-D121004was successfully isolatedwhich could cause cytopathic changes in Marc-145 cellsand was capable of adsorbing chicken erythrocytes. Cloning and nucleotide homologyanalysis on the whole F glycoprotein gene were carried outand the genetic evolution tree was built.The results showed that the F gene of the isolated strain was relativelyconservativeindicating no major genetic variation. Infuturethe immunogenicity of the isolate should befurther studiedso as to explore the potential to be thevaccine strain.


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